Hello and welcome to my shop!  I'm Jan Miyabara, the creator behind everything that's featured here.

I created Aki & Co from the desire to make meaningful, sustainable, and bespoke pieces inspired by nature, nostalgia, and totems of good luck.

The name is derived from my middle name, Akiko, meaning "Autumn Child".

I am an LA-based Designer who was born and raised in Hawai’i.  After years of designing in the fashion industry, I observed how it can sometimes be wasteful & environmentally unfriendly.  I wondered if there was a way to approach fashion (and life in general) more consciously so perhaps it was fate that brought hand embroidery into my life.  

I started making pet portraits for friends & family but soon realized it was the perfect medium to utilize my design background in a more fulfilling way.  I could instantly give new life to a thrift store find or a forgotten item in my closet.  Embroidery allowed me to slow down and create with purpose.  

After a few years of hand embroidering, I discovered and fell in love with a vintage hand-cranked chainstitch embroidery machine.  While still very much a handmade process, the speed of the machine has made it easier to bring my ideas to life.  

I now mostly work with my chainstitch machine and expanded my offerings to include on-the-spot embroidery at in-person events, small batch production runs, and custom orders in addition to the pieces I offer here.

Always mindful of my environmental impact, Aki & Co sources materials, prints, and manufactures locally.  I have also cultivated personal relationships with every partner I work with to ensure that each step is taken ethically.

All of my products are designed with intention and thoughtfully crafted in Los Angeles, CA.

Thank you so much for stopping by!